Sycantrhope & Eneart, fully remastered!

Sycantrhope and Enearth, two iconic albums by these bands, experimental projects by Vadym Sycantrhope, fully remastered and on all digital platforms.

Sycantrhope, the album Returning The Light, was released in 2015, it was the 3rd work of the new artist, and it was his first musical project. We take the opportunity to re-launch the double album, plus a demo, fully remastered, and with a new original design cover.

Enearth, the album The Gray Lights, was released in 2017, and until now it has only appeared on the Bandcamp profile. That’s why we took advantage of correcting the release, reissuing one of the songs, exactly Ritual, like version 2, and completely remastering all the tracks, in this way giving it a fresher touch.

The launch of these two excellent works is scheduled for September 3, 2021, on all digital platforms and the official Bandcamp account.

Stay tuned!