Coven (Coven Project)

Coven created in 2014 as an alternative project to Sycantrhope. To give a touch more noise” to their works. Always exploring the experimental branch with electronic, environmental, sometimes mixed with dark melodies sounds.

The idea of Coven (Coven Project) is, do different works to Sycantrhope project, separating rhythms and melodies of environmental and natural sounds, recreating more dense and dark atmospheres, creating the world of madness itself.

The first work called “Mental Noise” is a work inspired by authors like D.Lynch, D. Cronenberg, J. Verne, I. Asimov, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller etc, tries to recreate a fictional story of love and madness, where they are mixed feelings instincts.

At present already in the second work process that foresees see the light 2016.

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2015 – Mental Noise (Not a True Story)

2016 – Your Last Relapse (Dark Series I)

2016 – End Of Suffering (Dark Series II)

2016 – Worship (Dark Series III)

2016 – Black Waves (free live improvisation)

2017 – Remains Projected Anywhere EP

2017 – New Sickening Madness

2017 – Melodías Perdidas del Invierno (split Las Paccariscas vs. Coven)

2017 – Outsider EP

2017 – Suicide Album

2018 – Black Dahlia (Dahlia Murder)

2019 – All the Stars Have Turned Off and Rest in Silence

2019 – Butterfly Resistance

2019 – Dungeon Spirit

2020 – Covid Monster

2021 – Behind The Hills (CSP.070)

2023 – Spring (CSP.080)