Sycantrhope (Vadym)

Sycantrhope, takes its inception in early 2009, but has been active since early 2013.
The artist combines music with avantgarde experimental music, with atmospheric and ambient sounds. With all this creates a set of transcendent melancholy sounds and rhythms.
The first album is called as “Demo Work” by its simplicity and desire to grow that started flowering.
Eventually the sound has been gaining power and forcefulness, but also migrating from electronic sounds to sounds over rites and environment.
Currently “Sycantrhope-Project” has three more projects, “Coven”, “Sycantrhophylia” and “Dark Owl” and part of self “Sycantrhope”.

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2013 – Babel Of Incoherent Paralellism (Demo Work)

2014 – Coldest Theme

2014 – Returning The Light

2015 – Conceived & Abandoned

2015 – Violent Waves Of Restlessness

2016 – Revenge

2016 – Septimo Movimiento

2017 – No Future… (rare & unreleased tracks)

2017 – Mysticism In Spiral Maze