Enearth, is a musical project focused on Dark Ambient with a touch of experimental music created by Sycantrhope (Sycantrhope Project) in mid-2016.

Project stands out for its more personal touch of the artist, following the same line of his other musical projects, but with more maturity and more focus on style within the Dark Ambient music.

The project has been taking shape and body even before receiving the name consists of two words “Ethernal” and “Earth”, which have much meaning and a lot of influence on the sonority of the project.


2016 – EP

2016 – City No Signal

2016 – Come Into My Dream

2017 – The Grey Lights

2017 – Last Days

2018 – Stalking the Darkness

2019 – Carved Instinct

2020 – Daze (CSP.062)

2021 – Expedition (CSP.068)

2024 – Bottomless Walls (CSP.087)