CreepySound Mix

We are going to open a new online compilation section, a mix of different bands tracks from the record label.
Mix will be published on the platform and will take from 1 to 2 hours of music.
Period of contributions without limits and indefinite for the publications.

Sept. 13, 2021 Creepy Mix 2021

Here goes first Mix Vol.1 of September of 2017.

Creepy Sound Mix 2019 (Deadly Oak, Wh0re?, Coven Project)

Sycantrhope Ambient / Experimental mix

Deadly Oak mix 2019

Sycantrhope’s mix 2019: Unreleased Deadly Oak

Creepy Sound Mix Vol.1 (2017)


01 Coven – Something Happens In My Head from Mental Noise (Not A True Story) (2015)
02 Sycantrhope – The World After Mankind from The World After Mankind single (2015)
03 Sycantrhophylia – Distant Noise from Violent World (Psychonautic Vibrance) (2015)
04 Sycantrhope – Shadows Of Fallen Leaves from No Future… (rare & unreleased tracks) (2017)
05 Coven – N01AH01 (Fentanilo) CUT VERSION from Your Last Relapse (2016)
06 Sycantrhope – Moment from No Future… (rare & unreleased tracks)(2017)
06 Dark Owl – Bezmovni (Speechless) from Bezmovni (Speechless) single (2015)
07 Sycantrhope – Life Corps from Returning The Lights (2014)