Deadly Oak

Deadly Oak

Culture Pain comes in mid-2016, is a more mature project from the older brother called Sycantrhope (musical project).

The project is made by Vadym (Sycantrhope), the main idea is to explore in a single musical sense and trying not find the way different with each album as in others, ancient formations.

The project is focused mainly Witchhouse styles something more experimental, avant-garde electronic, deep and dark, and sounds more personal approach.


2016 – Demo Track

2016 – Inner

2017 – Darkness Is Dressed Black

2017 – Inner (Re-Mastered)

2017 – Genetic Lust (EP)

2018 – Existential Crisis (Red Lust​-​Phobia)

2018 – A Strange Place EP

2018 – Love Is The Mental Intruders (Splitting)

2019 – Frustration

2019 – Negative

2020 – Irrelevance: Best Of

2021 – Until Fade

2022 – Wounded and Quiet

2024 – Blueberry Night