Releases ’21 CSP

Here you can find all the launches that have been launched this year, they are less in quantity, but they are of better quality, we try to produce and focus on quality rather than quantity.

CSP.067 – 2021 – Until Fade by Deadly Oak
CSP.068 – 2021 – Expedition by Enearth
CSP.069 – 2021 – Old City by Black Shaman
CSP.070 – 2021 – Behind The Hills by Coven Project
CSP.071 – 2021 – Espina Clavada Dentro by Ruido Dentro De Mi Cabeza (R2DMC)
CSP.072 – 2021 – Stigmatize by Obval

This year has been quite exhausting in every way, it is difficult to be and follow the rhythm and development, when you cannot live off art, having to have other jobs to be able to keep the flame of illusion burning, and to grow that love for art, which on many occasions is the way out that safeguards us from all daily problems.

We hope to continue for many more years, giving the best we can, producing the best personal and often unclassifiable music, and enjoy bringing it and giving it to our listeners, both regular and new and welcome.

I hope everyone is doing well and tuned in to us!

Sincerely Vadym Sycantrhope from Creepy Sound Production.