Enearth – City No Signal review by Wagner Hertzog



Another project of Spanish musician Vadym Sycantrhope, City No Signal, released under his nom de plume of Enearth, is a very smooth, linear and transcendental album, severely different from everything he has made so far! Filled with a serene soundscape, that has, a little disguised in the atmosphere of his music, a severe, but hidden layer of anxiety, that subtlety explodes in each and every note of the panoramic conscience that his dimensional sound vastly explores, this album has a beautiful nervous antagonism, that hides in a poetic display of omniscience a delicate and fragile serenity, aligned with a cosmic strength that relies over an afflictive sideline of majestic agony, where your feelings predominantly have to be exceedingly prepared, for the journey you are about to endure.

A marvelous ambient album, permeated by a lucid fury objectified by a soft calmness and an outward uneasiness, City No Signal is filled with a very discreet demand in form, shape and character. In a hallucinatory device that disperses darkness everywhere its harmonies seems to go, this album is made primarily by fearless, but very insinuating rhythms, lost in a perpetual night of doom and demise. Unrestrained by a vicinity of shadows that never obliterates realms of haze, an agonizing tension, a sublime hostile expectation and a deranged feeling of frightful affliction will make you feel bound to a life in a very different world.

City No Signal is an album perfect for ambient music enthusiasts that really love a more obscure, sinister, dismal and unknown approach to the genre. An astounding album, corroborated by a funeral procession that will lead you into the darkness of an infinite urban night, the conspicuous rhythms that we have here will make you feel trapped into another dimension, a more tough and difficult one. Nonetheless, you will understand the proficiency of a style that never gets tired of exploring into the depths of its musical confluences the never ending nuances of the most depressing, lugubrious and restless side of existence, in a sonorous stream of sensorial  efficiency that has produced an exceedingly singular cornerstone of downward abysmal atmospheres.

With melodies that resonates the intensity of a darkness that dwells into the highlight of a deep penumbra, City No Signal is an album that impersonates the light of a serene tension, filled with the blackened skies of an easier disgrace, dispatched by the sincerity of a ruined and painful expectation. So, no matter how far you can go, you will rapidly perceive that this is a work that only the most intuitive ones can understand, and the brightly genuine followers will appreciate.