New review for upcoming new album from Deadly Oak.

New review for upcoming new album from Deadly Oak.


Another project of Spanish sound designer Sycantrhope, Deadly Oak is an ambient musical creation crafted in a multicolored layer, that drafts its peculiar incisions from a panel of several different musical variations. In his social media page, he describes the genre he works with as dark, deep, electro wave, dark wave, witch house, avant-garde and dub, and it certainly sounds as a mixture of all those influences.

Distinguished by a very colorful and protuberant sonorous rapture, Inner, by Deadly Oak, is a unique album, that arranges and organizes electronic melodic elements in more ascendant patterns, with an unusual combination of harmonies. Specially beautiful, poetic, brilliant and decisively eclectic, it is an incisively definitive electronic music masterpiece, exceedingly uncommon and different for Sycantrhope, as Inner, produced under the alias of Deadly Oak, relies less on atmosphere, and more on melodies and rhythm. Another thing that should be pointed out as well is the fact that, being a lot more colorful than his other musical projects, this album is not grounded on sinister, subtle and tense evolving rhythms, nor intuitive agonizing sonorous prospects. So here, as Deadly Oak, Sycantrhope really explores another side of his creative ambitions, giving to its listeners a very different set of characteristics, perfectly lined up with the vision of his unprecedented musical talent.

But, boy… what a magnificent album! Not just one of the best I’ve heard from him, but one of the best albums of electronic music that I certainly have heard in a while! Greatly exploring colored harmonies, sentimental nuances and vibrating expansive rhythms, avant-garde elements are brilliantly highlighted on this album, which greatly exposes, in a very veiled form, some influences from vintage electronic of the 80’s. Rewinding a set of different emotions, happy, serene, resigned, despondent and elusive reactions permeates the musical lines throughout the tracks, all gifted with a serious sense of poetic and majestic correlations.

A sensational piece of work, that deserves to be seen as such, Inner, by Deadly Oak, is a great balance between sonorous shape and artistic sensibility, with a rewarding domain of the senses and a great sonorous configuration of bright energy and vital force. Eleven tracks that build a different kind of beauty inside your head, entering through your ears, and setting up a universe of elemental and soft uneasiness within your mind, Inner is an album that certainly can be classified as a great gift for all electronic music enthusiasts out there. A groundbreaking record, and a victory for the genre, you certainly can’t lose the chance on listening to this beautiful work.

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