Black Shaman – Is This Real?

Black Shaman, Vadym Sycantrhope‘s musical project, which explores lo-fi, retro sounds, fused with jazzy and downtempo sounds.

Black Shaman – Is This Real? (2022)

The project from Madrid has been operating since 2020, it already has three full-lengths behind it, now the last and third work, which is not definitive, because it promises more, it has ten tracks that move away a little from the dark jazz theme and noir, to give way to somewhat more retro sounds, merging with modern sounds. This is how this fusion of downtempo, lo-fi and something similar to avant-garde music appears.

New album is titled Is This Real? the transcendence between the real and the imaginary, which is what this latest album from the Black Shaman project tries to bring to our ears.

Here is the complete tracklist of the album, and below the link to bandcamp, it is also available on other digital platforms.

  1. Sintonia Del Mediodia 03:00
  2. Little Wolfe 02:18
  3. Night Flow 02:21
  4. Retro Confusion 02:15
  5. Longing For Your Essence 02:12
  6. Low Pressure 03:01
  7. Nocturnal Dance Under Stellar Mantle 03:25
  8. Any Day 02:22
  9. Your Gentle Steps 03:20
  10. Mid Time Stage 02:55