Ruido Dentro De Mi Cabeza – Espina Clavada Dentro spokenword/hip-hip

Ruido Dentro De Mi Cabeza – Espina Clavada Dentro (2021)

The first full-length album of Vadym Sycantrhope‘s musical project called Ruido Dentro De Mi Cabeza (R2DMC) is now available, with his album Espina Clavada Dentro.

The album consists of nine tracks and an intro for the track Mi Musa. The album is a kind of spoken word and hip-hop, with a personal touch of Sycantrhope, the track Aprieta El Gatillo, this one is closer to the aggressive trap style. The lyrics are in Spanish.

The track En Esencia El Bienestar, has the collaboration of Laquesis Diana (Genocidio 1968, A-Ctrl, Miss Anthropica), where she captures her back vocal on the said track.

You can download, listen and help the artist, following the following link on Bandcamp:

It is also available on various digital distribution platforms, Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Deezer etc.