Review about Septimo Movimiento

The best review on the latest release “Septimo Movimiento” of Sycantrhope. Thanks Wagner!

Sycantrhope is a Spanish electronic ambient musical project, with a very peculiar atmospheric layout, led by musician Vadym Sycantrhope. His most recent album, Septimo Movimiento, is an extremely abrasive and inconspicuously sinister – though somewhat mysteriously dark –
nocturnal artistic embrace, with a very subtle elemental antagonistic sensitivity, that at the same time turns out to be an exceedingly experimental set of magnificent lugubrious ambient tracks.

With seven tracks, being then Your Place Is Out There!, Thought The Mechanics Of The Heart, Lonely And Free As A Wolf, Ritual Under Growing Sky, Fear Felt By The Soul, Deaf Ears, Here There Is Nothing Left From Us! and The Grey Day, We All Die Sometime! Sycantrhope makes you wander and travel free in the mindset of a vast sonorous configuration, that feels profoundly sane, magically unbound, and sardonically perfect at the same time. Reverberating an intriguing plurality of sounds, that constantly rearranges and recombines itself to firmly accommodate on its own terms a groundbreaking set of creative motives, Septimo Movimiento is filled with suspenseful, dark and apprehensively emotive tracks, bound by no restrictive rules. Paradoxically, the songs are all completely charged with a very colorful intensity, with ever changing inconspicuous nuances, pragmatically tempered with a solid layout of texturized notes and densely delighted sound flavors, that breaks its own harmonies and rules, to constantly feel and renovate the mathematics of the melodies built by the heart of its own intrinsic revolving rhythms, forming a cycle fulfilled by its own meritorious circle of diversifying sensibility, giving us the impression of a permanent sonorous replication.

Being Septimo Movimiento a profound, astounding and mesmerizing set of ambient tracks that will put your soul to rest, and make your body wake up in another dimension, Sycantrhope manages to create an elusive and hallucinatory world, where gaps and chains don’t exist, although the emptiness that counterbalances the atmosphere of the songs is never free of any tasks. With a complex technique that really explores sound nuances in what appears to be a very calm cinematic set, the immensurable deep treatment that Sycantrhope inserts in his music is certainly beyond simply entertaining: a true and genuine artist of sound, that builds note by note fantastically complex arrangements of an amazing universe of tension, the artist replicates in the sound devices of his work an agonizing journey of an immensely grotesque – with picaresque tons of the ordinary – darkness subversion, with all the flavors of a common suburban mindset, that in a very intriguing way brings and finds the beauty in what is irrelevant and superb at the same time, splendidly transporting you to another side of life, with more gray, black and white nuances, with sepia scenes in the background. Its creative and powerful energy will not only submit sequential scenes to your mind, but will make you travel to an obliterated sound dimension, where all artistic craft is perfectly arranged to antagonize personal impressions and emotional lacerations.

A very different ambient album, Sycantrhope is not only deeply hallucinatory, out of this world and original, but manages to subdue the listener, while enchanting him at the same time. Best described as a tense, unsuspecting, unforgiving, unpredictable, emotive and apprehensive album, Septimo Movimiento is an impressive work of creative ambient music, that never feels unrestrained by the merits of its proposition: feel, create, transport, hallucinate, consummate. Although every emotion is very subjective, and the feelings behind every track can be summarized as obviously speculative, Sycantrhope is an awesome genuine genius, with no fears of being experimental, and never restricting the infinite ramifications he is able to achieve with his art. Having created some of the most mysterious, beautiful, fearful, dreadful and poetic tracks of the genre, he easily proves his relevance with this astounding album. Building a cohesive universe of anxious exhilaration, consciously forging and demanding a genre expansion in his own terms, Sycantrhope have really outstood himself with this wonderful album, that will hardly find a match anywhere. Having created a beautiful groundwork of intensifying, creative and agonizing beauty, ambient music lovers can never pass the opportunity of listening to Septimo Movimiento. You will certainly recognize the brave density and the horrifying beauty behind these tracks, and feel instantly mesmerized by it!