Deadly Oak

New stuff f rom Vadym Sycantrhope, musical producer from Deadly Oak, Enearth, Coven, Sycantrhope…

Vadym Sycantrhope, the music producer from Madrid, Spain, known for musical projects such as Deadly Oak, Enearth, Coven, Sycantrhope etc, has been quite active these last days, and has released several songs related to his projects, but the most remarkable has been his own version, under the name he uses as a producer and it’s about home loans, it is a song dedicated to a person, a close family member, very loved, where he highlights his feeling, his frustration, his anger, and sadness, maybe this is the beginning of a new era and stage of a new personal project, or maybe, just a distraction and a peronal relief, who knows it.



and new with Deadly Oak

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