CreepySound Mix

We are going to open a new online compilation section, a mix of different bands tracks from the record label.
Mix will be published on the platform and will take from 1 to 2 hours of music.
Period of contributions without limits and indefinite for the publications.

Here goes first Mix Vol.1 of September of 2017.

Creepy Sound Mix Vol.1 (2017)


01 Coven – Something Happens In My Head from Mental Noise (Not A True Story) (2015)
02 Sycantrhope – The World After Mankind from The World After Mankind single (2015)
03 Sycantrhophylia – Distant Noise from Violent World (Psychonautic Vibrance) (2015)
04 Sycantrhope – Shadows Of Fallen Leaves from No Future… (rare & unreleased tracks) (2017)
05 Coven – N01AH01 (Fentanilo) CUT VERSION from Your Last Relapse (2016)
06 Sycantrhope – Moment from No Future… (rare & unreleased tracks)(2017)
06 Dark Owl – Bezmovni (Speechless) from Bezmovni (Speechless) single (2015)
07 Sycantrhope – Life Corps from Returning The Lights (2014)