Review for Worship by Merchants of Air


Worship is a five track album, by Coven, a dark ambient experimental musical project of Spanish musician Vadym Sycantrhope. With very sinister punctuation devices, Coven’s music is primarily characterized by a nervous tension, and an implicit agony that summarizes the breakdown of a soul’s disillusion. With songs that rely on an afflictive insinuation of a dark expectancy, Worship, by Coven, is a very sinister and tense dark ambient album, effective in the way it rapidly and precisely evokes feelings of fear and demise, at the core of the agonizing and disguised ferocity hidden below the surface of its lurid and opaque rhythms.

Consolidating a somewhat macabre atmosphere, that apparently reverberates the frivolous capacities of everything that seems unknown, paradoxically, the very calm harmonies that underlies the entirely hideous melodies responsible for the creation of a universe of divided tension and apprehensive fate rests silently at the heart of a serenity that screams below the surface of a world doomed to fade and disappear forever. But that will, somehow, give birth to a sinister layer of unsatisfying grace, and eventually, be stuck in your head.

With an intriguing ability to create and sustain a hideous and sonorous world of mist and dust, nobody has the ability that Sycantrhope has, of creating tension and anxiety, as well as disseminating fear and affliction, departing from such calm, vague and mesmerizing harmonies. A master of ambient devices, he certainly can be regarded today as one of greatest ambient sound artists in the underground scene.

With a disparaging reliance on ambient techniques, diffused over the atmosphere of an incisively agonizing nothingness, built under the auspices of a lenient and intrusive musical scenario, these five tracks present in Worship can be considered a vicious voyage into the heart of a desolate realm, filled with inconspicuous dark forests, arid and inhospitable landscapes and intriguing lost palaces, all built by the daydream commoner disillusion of a world lost at the bottom of a ruin.

So, to be clear, on Worship, the most recent album by Coven, Vadym Sycantrhope gives to its listeners a sordid journey throughout the most abhorrent places conceived in his mind. Creating unexpected worlds of grief and sorrow through sound, Coven invites you to go on a journey of sound sensations and vitreous melancholy, where everything is bound by the unknown. Nevertheless, this is such an appreciative trip that, for all ambient music lovers out there, is it unconceivable not to step on it.

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