Obval new EP Zombie Empire now available

Now available for your listening and download, the new EP Zombie Empire by the artist Obval.

The EP entitled Zombie Empire, has three pieces of dub and techno music.

The cover art is made by Sycantrhope, as a reference to Putin’s zombified Russia, and representing the leader as the true evil.

The third track of the EP, which is titled Don TikTok Warriors, makes a comical reference to the malicious character of one of Putin’s most important mercenaries, and begins the track with the heroic response of the Ukrainian army by sending the Russian ship on a long ride.

link: https://obval.bandcamp.com/album/zombie-empire

The artist promises that what is collected with the EP, everything will go to the military aid of Ukraine, since the artist until now did not put any price on his works, all are completely free to download.