Coven – Mental Noise (Not a True Story)

The album of the Coven, another project by Sycantrhope, be released on September 10.



01 Attempted Inspiration
02 That Animal Consumes Me Inside (My Ego(istic Plan))
03 Something Happens In My Head
04 You Disappear And The Story Ends Here, Forever!
05 When Your Mind Goes Blank And Your Hands Don’t Stop
06 Apology Ov Suicide
07 Invent Yourself, Your Own Melody
08 Inflammation Of The Gray Matter
09 The Neurons Get Rid On The Asphalt (Embarrassing Circumstance)
10 Something That Find In The Void
11 Hymn To The Infested, Get Your Site On The Decadence (It’s Not A Lie)
12 Behind Your Face, You Are Alone, Naked And Unprotected
13 Happy Hour – Post-mortem